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Art at Clehonger

At Clehonger Primary School we aim to:


  • Provide an environment that fosters aesthetic awareness and promotes a positive attitude towards art.
  • Develop imagination and creativity.
  • Develop the ability to use art as a form of communication and expression.
  • Develop skills and techniques associated with investigating and making in art, craft and design i.e. skills of observation, collaboration, planning, manipulation and selection of media, materials and tools.
  • Develop an understanding of the basic elements of art: line, tone, colour, pattern, texture, shape, form and space.
  • Increase knowledge of the work of artists and designers.
  • Train children in the safe and appropriate use and maintenance of tools and techniques in accordance with health and safety requirements.
  • Extend and enrich other curriculum areas through art.



Curriculum Organisation


Art is a subject that is taught in its own right and is also linked with other curriculum areas too. Progression in art is reflected through:


  • A gradual development of art based skills (cutting, gluing, painting, drawing, imagining, recording, evaluating, colour mixing, mounting, displaying, comparing, distinguishing and using an art vocabulary in 2D and 3D work), concepts (colour, texture, shape, size, perspective, tone, choice of medium, properties of materials, historical periods) and attitude (confidence, overcoming inhibitions, pride in work, presentation, care of equipment, independence, co-operation, planning, sharing, appreciation and criticism, opinion, style, inspiration, evaluation, improvement).
  • A variety of practical situations in art, craft and design in which to practise and develop concepts, skills and attitudes.
  • Increased opportunities to study the work of artists and to appreciate the wide range of art work in various cultures through practical work and criticism.
  • Opportunities to draw comparisons from their own work with the work of other artists.


Teachers are free to develop work in various ways and try to ensure that all the appropriate skills, techniques and art elements are covered in order for continuity and progression to be achieved so that individual children can realise their full artistic potential. 

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