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The Early Years Foundation Stage


Your child’s first experience in school is very important. At Clehonger C of E Primary school, we try to make the transition to school a happy and enjoyable one for your child because we understand that it is a huge step for them. Our goal is to make school a joyful, rewarding environment where your child can explore, learn, and have fun while engaging in a variety of activities. We place a lot of importance on the collaboration between the home and the school in creating a successful partnership.


The Foundation Stage Curriculum


The children in our Early Years Foundation Stage (nursery and reception) thrive in an environment created by skilled practitioners who understand the key principles of Early Years education. Our nursery and reception staff work closely together to ensure that each child's time in EYFS is exciting, engaging and memorable.


Your child will follow the national Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum during the reception year as they work toward the Early Learning Goals. Your child will participate in a variety of daily activities throughout the course of the year in order to build skills across a wide range of subjects.

 Staff carefully plan next steps of learning from observing children in play. This way learning comes directly from the children's interests and individual needs. The children are nurtured to love learning in a challenging, carefully planned environment providing them with opportunities to develop their characteristics of learning, this then enables them to lay the foundation for future learning success.

Your child may or sometimes be assigned a task that emphasises mastering a particular skill, like handwriting practise. Other times, he or she will work on projects requiring a variety of skills, like building with bricks or using puppets. Your child will receive support from the class teacher or learning support assistant at each stage of their academic growth. Your child will be inspired to put his or her skills to the test and to take pride in every success. 


The Reception Year at Clehonger C of E Primary School 


Your child learns and develops more quickly between the ages of 3-6 than at any other point in his or her life. We think that learning should be enjoyable and rewarding for the student as he or she investigates, explores, creates, practises, revises, and consolidates his or her evolving knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes. The skills and ideas acquired during your child’s time in Class R provide them with a firm foundation for their future development.


In Reception children learn through:


  • Child-centred learning
  • Structured play
  • Talking to others
  • Investigating and discovering
  • Making choices
  • Thinking and reflecting
  • Working in groups and independently



All of these opportunities are intended to foster the growth of kids who are confident, kind, and who make the most of their school experiences and achieve great success. 


Parent Survey: Overall we love the school…great school…very helpful in supporting my child… My children are extremely happy … All staff are so friendly and approachable…Clehonger really is a brilliant school…

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