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Year 2 SATs

When Are the KS1 SATs?

There is no set date for the KS1 SATs, other than the fact that they will take place in May.

What will be in the KS1 SATs papers for Year 2?

KS1 maths SATs:

The KS1 maths SATs is made up of two papers:

  • Paper 1 is an arithmetic test which should take around 15 minutes. It will consist of 25 marks.
  • Paper 2 involves reasoning, problem solving and mathematical fluency. This paper has 35 marks available, will last for roughly 35 minutes, and contains a variety of question types.

KS1 English grammar, punctuation and spelling SATs:

  • Paper 1 is a 20 word spelling test worth 20 marks which should take roughly 15 minutes.
  • Paper 2 is a punctuation, grammar and vocabulary test. It comes in two sections of around 10 minutes each, and the paper is worth 20 marks.

KS1 reading SATs:

  • Paper 1 consists of a variety of texts totalling 400 to 700 words with questions placed at intervals throughout.
  • Paper 2 consists of a reading booklet containing different passages. These will total 800 to 1100 words.

Each paper for the KS1 reading SATs is worth 50% of the available marks and should take up to 30 minutes. The texts in the tests cover a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

When will the KS1 SATs results come out?

For Key Stage 1 children, SATs results day varies from school to school. You will be told the results of your child’s tests in English, maths and science, and the school should show you how your child’s results compare to those of other children in the school and nationally.

As the papers at KS1 are marked internally by teachers in accordance with the mark scheme provided by the Standards and Testing Agency, it is up to schools to decide when and if they share the results.

Schools are not obliged to share the results of these tests with parents, but many include a summary of them in the end of year report.

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