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Year 6 SATs Information

KS2 SATs in Year 6

In Year 6 SATs are a more formal process of testing, and children will sit KS2 SATs 2023 in: 

  • English Reading
  • English GrammarPunctuation & Spelling
  • Maths


They will also be assessed by their teachers on subjects including speaking and listening, writing and, in some cases, science.

By using teacher assessment, schools and the government are able to judge a child’s performance in a subject over a longer period of time. This means that teachers are able to account for a child’s whole knowledge and ability in a subject, not just that which comes to the fore in a test environment.


When Are The KS2 SATs 2024?

Ordinarily, the dates for the KS2 SATs run over one week per school year. 

It is during this time that your Year 6 child will complete 6 different tests, English for the first part of the week and maths for the second.


KS2 SATs 2024 Dates – Testing Period

Monday May 13th 2023: 

Spelling, punctuation and grammar Test

Spelling – 20 minutes 

Punctuation and grammar Test- Grammar/Punctuation – 45 minutes

Tuesday May 14th 2023: 

Reading Test – 60 minutes

Wednesday May 15th 2023: 

Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) – 30 minutes

Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes

Thursday May 16th 2023: 

Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes


What will be in the KS2 SATs 2024 papers for Year 6?

KS2 reading SATs:

  • One paper with questions that are based on 3 passages of text. Students get 1 hour to answer the questions on the paper.

KS2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling SATs:

  • The written element of the spelling, punctuation and grammar SATs consists of a grammar and punctuation paper which lasts for 45 minutes.
  • There is also a 20-word aural spelling test which lasts around 15 minutes.

KS2 maths SATs:

  • Paper 1 is the arithmetic paper which will last for 30 minutes. It will contain fixed response questions where children have to give the correct answers to calculations.
  • Papers 2 and 3 will involve a wider range of question types including multiple choice, true or false and reasoning based. Both papers will last 40 minutes each.


When do the KS2 SATs results 2024 come out?

For Key Stage 2 children, SATs results day is some time in the first two weeks of July.

By this date papers will have been marked by the external examiners, the raw marks converted into a scaled score and made available to parents. You will be told whether or not your child is meeting the expected standard along with both versions of their score. As well as this, your child’s school will share how their results compare to the national average.


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